Suzuki SJ 410 4WD Information

Fuel Efficiency · MPG

Fuel Efficiency

Suzuki has manufactured models of SJ 410 4WD for 2 years. They average 21.5 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 1985 SJ 410 4WD below average at 21 combined MPG.

Government regulators estimate the fuel cost of the 1985 SJ 410 4WD to be $1,850 per year. This estimate is based on 15,000 miles driven, 55% city driving and 45% highway driving, and regular gasoline.

Compared to other vehicles, you spend $2,000 more over 5 years compared to an average vehicle.

The SJ 410 4WD consumes about 16 barrels of petroleum per year, according to the standard estimate of 15,000 miles driven. Most of the world's petroleum comes from countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., and Iraq.

Vehicle Model Combined MPG Highway MPG City MPG
1985 Suzuki SJ 410 4WD 21 22 20
1984 Suzuki SJ 410 4WD 22 22 22

MPG breakdown by model options

The Suzuki SJ 410 4WD has 2 different model options on record with the EPA since 1984. For the most accurate MPG estimates, find your exact model below.

Vehicle Model Combined MPG Highway MPG City MPG
1985 Manual 4-spd, 4-cyl, 1.0 L 21 22 20
1984 Manual 4-spd, 4-cyl, 1.0 L 22 22 22