$1.50 in 1865 → $21.60 in 2017

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U.S. Inflation Rate, 1865-2017 ($1.50)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, the dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 1.77% per year. Prices in 2017 are 1340.0% higher than prices in 1865.

In other words, $1.50 in the year 1865 is equivalent in purchasing power to $21.60 in 2017, a difference of $20.10 over 152 years.

The inflation rate in 2017 was 1.99%.

Inflation from 1865 to 2017
Cumulative price change 1340.00%
Average inflation rate 1.77%
Price difference ($1.50 base) $20.10
CPI in 2017 244.786

U.S. inflation chart since 1665

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News headlines from 1865

Politics and news often influence economic performance. Here's what was happening at the time:

  • America abolishes slavery after Congress passes the 13th Amendment.
  • John Wilkes Booth assassinates President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater, in Washington.
  • The New York Stock Exchange opens its first permanent headquarters at 10-12 Broad Street.
  • Columbia, South Carolina burns during the American Civil War.

Inflation Data Source

Raw data for these calculations comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' (CPI), established in 1913. Inflation data from 1665 to 1912 is sourced from a historical study conducted by political science professor Robert Sahr at Oregon State University.

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